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“What is music but an expression of a thought…Music is a language that binds cultures together and quotes intense feelings that are easily conveyed. In its true form music is a reflection of the culture, heritage and feelings of a society.”

Passionate thoughts… Something that has brought together people in the town of Bloomington, IL to start the Indian Music Society.

Indian Music has evolved through centuries of workmanship of master artists for whom music was a way of life. From the scrolls of Samaved, to the works of Tansen and Tyagaraja, to the modern-day genius of Pt Bhatkhande, countless such efforts have been instrumental in the evolution of this music as a fathomable language. In India, the expression of this music happens through various modes like Folk Music, Ghazals and film Music. The essence of it all lies in the Notes (Swara) and the Beats (Tala) to create a harmony (Nad) which communicates at an emotional level.

Indian Music Society is trying to bring the basic conglomeration of this harmony, the Indian Classical Music, to music connoisseurs. Thus IMS is committed towards getting good quality Indian Classical, Semi Classical and to some extents Innovative music to the central Illinois region. IMS organizes about three to five concerts by professional artists in a year and one event to promote the local talent in Indian classical/semi-classical music.